Sometime in 2002 as a student of the university of portharcout I found my self staying in aluu.
I was den a 300level student. After so much struggle to get an accomodation in the hostels failed I had to look elsewhere. Staying in omokiri village back then life was hard. With nothing like phcn or portable water in the village but stay and manage we had to.
Going out to school early in the morning was so difficult for in those days there where no buses just bikes and to get one was a big struggle. The villagers where tolerant but highly unfriendly they just looked at we students as the kids of the elite who they just had to share there space with. Prices of everything was higher once the villager recognises u as a student.
I stayed in omokiri for a full year thou my stay was unenjoyable but it was peacefull. Omokiri was a sleepy looking community which the student population was tyring to revive. How omokiri this once peaceful village became so violent I can’t fully comprehend but am very sure had something to do with the militant camp which was in later years located there.
I believe everyone has a hand in the tragedy that is aluu now. From the federal government who don’t provide amenities. To the state government who located a militant camp in a university environment. And the university authority who didn’t provide enough hostel accomodation for its students. To the local government that doesn’t exist. And of course the villagers who are to envious of the status of the students for being in there midst and showing them how backward they are. And the students who display too much youthful vigour in joining cults and showing of daddies wealth. But youths being what they are can’t help themselves unlike every other category of people mentioned
So we are all to blame from those who shouted thief. To those who sat back and filmed instead of calling for help
I just pray and hope that this 4 young men did not die in vain.
Rest in peace aluu4


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